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Scheduled Daily Delivery

This is Davis Delivery’s area of expertise.  This is for the company that has the same need at the same time every day.  The perfect example is a medical clinic in midtown or uptown Charlotte that has locations in various other parts of the city, or any town within a 25-mile radius of Charlotte.  This scheduled daily delivery would include a morning pick up at the main location for all of the satellite locations.  The satellite locations would be visited during the course of the day for an exchange, next Davis Delivery will drop off again at the main location before 4 pm of the same day.

Rush Delivery

A rush service will provide a dedicated driver for your delivery. This driver will be dispatched immediately and
have no other work on his/her schedule until the rush delivery is completed.

Same-Day Delivery

We currently have a route structure in place that circles the Greater Charlotte area twice a day that allows Davis Delivery to handle your same day deliveries at substantial cost savings. If you have a same-day time-constraint, we’ll ensure that we’ll deliver your product in your specified time frame.


Does your office require daily deposits at your bank of choice?  Consider Davis Delivery for this service.  All of our drivers are bonded and insured.  This option can be a cheaper and save you time instead of an in house solution.  What happens if a manager or employee gets robbed or is involved in an accident on the way to the bank?  Chances are that the cost of utilizing Davis Delivery for this service are competitive with your own internal cost. While we’re making your deposit, you can focus on the needs of your business.


Davis Delivery can handle most cargo needs.  Please call or email so we can understand your unique situation and give a fair price for this service.

Postage Services

Davis Delivery also processes and meters unmarked US Mail for any business.  With the routes that circulate Charlotte throughout the day, the fees for this service can be considerably cheaper than a typical mail house.  Davis Delivery processes all mail same day, and drops the mail at the I-85 Service Road location before their deadlines for next day distribution.  This postal office is the central distribution center for Charlotte; therefore, there are no middlemen or delays.

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