How We Got Here

Davis Delivery was originally founded by Steve Davis in 1987 under the name Quick As a Wink.  On the first day, between Steve and another driver, they ran a total of twelve deliveries.  Over the years, business began to grow, and eventually Steve developed a foothold in the on-call world of deliveries around the greater Charlotte area.  In the early 1990’s, in order to survive the recessive state, Steve had to figure out a way to stay in business.  While most of the on-call deliveries had dried up the work that kept Quick As a Wink alive, everyday scheduled work became the basic premise for Davis Delivery.   Realizing that we had to become experts in the field of the medical clinics’ specialized needs, Steve made the decision to focus the business on this same type of work.

With this concept in mind, Steve changed the name of the business in 1994 to Davis Delivery. Our focus on quality and customer service is guaranteed – our name is on every job! At some point or another, every child of Steve’s has worked for the company. His youngest child, Greg, came on-board right out of high school doing normal day-to-day route work.  Greg quickly decided that he was fascinated with small business and in particular Davis Delivery. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte offered an Entrepreneurship degree under the Business Administration program and a match was made.

Relying on word of mouth marketing within the medical community, Davis Delivery was successful in internally growing the services that they provide to its clientele.  Davis Delivery has been incredibly fortunate that their client base has seen significant internal growth over the years which have allowed them to focus on internal development within the delivery business. Over the years, the business expanded from Steve and Greg devoting their entire time making deliveries to a management team consisting of five people.  Now, they make it their mission to continually focus on the changing demands of this business and ensure that your delivery arrives quickly, safely, and on-time.